Wild Tiger Photography Tours

Since 2012 I have been visiting India for photo tours.

The learning process has been superb, getting to know my

way around India, the cities, the parks, and understanding

the people.  This has been a very outstanding experience!

#tiger #india  <br />
Beautiful Male Royal Bengal Tiger<br />
<br />
We are set to go on June 9th, 2015, another 16 safaris at this most amazing location.  Thanks to everyone who has clicked, shared, and commented my recent images.. the last shot is now around 830,000 views!  Amazing!  Thanks so much!<br />
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More new images soon, still editing from the last tour we finished a month ago.<br />
<br />
Save our natural world, so we can all live at peace, for many years to come.<br />
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kind regards,<br />
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Hosting Photo tours to India's incredible parks and reserves

has definitely been an adventure.  I invite you to join me and

my friends for the next program coming up in June 2020.

As usual, we expect 85% good sightings per game drive.

Successful trips into the zones has been commonplace. Our

memory cards are full after most safaris, and the smiles are equally expanded!


TourSample images

Yes.  Absolutely.<br />
<br />
I have been asked several times about this image, and folks wonder why this tiger was so angry.  A bit of a story, so here goes.<br />
June 11, 2015 Peggy Keller and I were in India, on a 16 game drive tour.  (2 per day, morning and afternoon trips.)<br />
<br />
So we were in our area, looking and trekking around to find something to shoot.  Nothing was going on, so in an open are out of the forest, we saw a gathering of Jeeps.<br />
<br />
Hoping they had something, we stopped by for a visit.  They were just chatting, <br />
<br />
So we overheard a conversation on the Ranger's radio (these guys are the only ones allowed to have a radio in the park) talking about a tiger on the main road.   They said there were about 70 jeeps out there!<br />
<br />
So I talked to Peggy, and we decided, let's take a look, since nothing was going on where we were located inside our area.  We motored out quickly, to try to find a spot.  Well, it was something.<br />
<br />
Total gridlock on the highway!  Going both directions.  Good thing there was not an emergency!<br />
<br />
The forest guy, Ashok Jain, looked me, and asked me where do I want to park.  I chose the end of the line, closest to the road.  The tiger was about 70 yards (ca. 64 m) ahead of us, buried in the bush.  We had no shot.<br />
<br />
So, I said to Peggy, let's be patient, I have a feeling this tiger is going to come by for a visit.  About 5 minutes go by, and I could finally see him through the bush.  Getting excited, I said to Peggy, “he is moving this way!!”<br />
<br />
A few minutes later, Peggy said, “Holy F***, here he is.”  Yes!  He came through the bush and crossed a dried up creek.  Maybe 40 yards (ca. 37 m) away from us!  Clicking away!<br />
<br />
So, his intention was simple, he wanted to cross the road.  Seventy jeeps in front of us, bumper to bumper.  He had no chance.  Another 30 jeeps were already jammed behind us.  No room to cross.<br />
<br />
He needed at least eight feet to feel comfortable working his way through the jeeps.  We quickly turned behind us and asked everyone to back off, so we could give him room.  Thankfully, they did, as this situation was getting dangerous. <br />
<br />
We were able to back up eight feet, and let him through.  Slowly he walked past, and unto his home territory where his mother waited.<br />
<br />
I do not remember his name or number, but here was called “the black one” if I remember correctly.<br />
<br />
So the answer to the question, “Was he mad at Me?”  Well, guess he was.  But I think he looked at me asking for help.  We all are in open jeeps, no doors, no windows, no roof.  But so long as we are on the road, and not peeing in the bush, we are safe.  <br />
A game drive is much like driving around a campground in Canada.  The roads are bumpy, and the bush is thick in places.  If you go to India, and get 85% sightings per drive as we do, you are doing the correct things.<br />
<br />
In this park, there are no real fences. There is a stone wall that blocks tigers from coming into the local community, but they can go around that wall.<br />
<br />
Because this was a main road, and the number of vehicles on it is not controlled, this is a very rare incident.  Within the areas, there is a limited number of jeeps, so tigers have lots of room to move around.<br />
<br />
Thanks for reading this far, appreciated!<br />
<br />

Our Program


We depart Toronto June 3rd, 2020.

We return and land in Toronto June 15th, 2020.

9 days in India:

We fly from Toronto to New Delhi, then a flight

to Jaipur.  Once we are outside the Jaipur.

Airport, we have a luxury Toyota minivan

to transport us to our hotel. (less than 3 hours drive.) 

From here we have lunch, shower, rest and our

first game drive takes place the following morning.

Daily Game Drives:

We take you out on 16 game drives, and

provide accommodations for 9 nights stay at a fine hotel.

We host 2 drives per day, early am and late

afternoon. This way we miss the peak heat

of the day.  Daytime temps can reach as high

as 115 F, but being dry at this location, the

weather is tolerable.  With the high temperatures, and

dry weather, the tigers are much easier to find

and photograph.  A quick heads up, the roads

within the zones are bumpy.  Seat cushions are

available.  Special protection for your camera

gear while travelling is recommended.

(A good camera bag or backpack)


First thing every day is a coffee and cookie breakfast

in the lobby of the hotel. At 5:30 am, it is just too

early for a heavy breakfast.  Once we return to

the hotel before 11 am, a full hot breakfast

is provided, with fresh cooked omelettes of your

choice along with several hot dishes. 

Both American and Indian cuisine is provided.

(Nothing overly spicy.) Bottled water, pop,

any alcoholic drinks are on your tab.

(payable at the end of the tour)

A hot lunch will be provided before your afternoon game

drive, most folks have enjoyed breakfast to the

point where dinner will be the next meal.

Dinner time, after our second game drive is

around 7:30 pm. About 10 hot dishes provided,

all in cafeteria style presentation, all you can eat.

(for all meals).

Of course, this is not the Ritz. The food is excellent.

  0 health issues have transpired in

36 days at this hotel with several guests and

myself. 4 full tours completed to this point

(Oct 2019) and a 100% satisfaction record

has been enjoyed. 

All meals included in your fee.  I will

forward you a link to the hotel upon request.


Our tour includes a fee to my supplier of $5700.00 USD.

  I am in turn paid as a tour guide, and have

no control of funding regarding transportation

in any capacity.  Each guest will book and pay your flights. 

We will all need to meet at the Jaipur airport during

a predetermined specific date and time-frame. 

Our travel to the hotel, and return trip back to the

airport is included, and managed by my contacts at the hotel.

Included: We allow a 5 guest maximum. 16 game

drives, 9 nights at a superb hotel with all meals

included. Each guest has a private room included

in the fee. With our game drives, we have a

private hired forest guide assigned to each vehicle

along with a driver.

To give you lots of working room, we allow only 2

photographers per jeep.   Fee includes guiding,

and photography coaching from myself.  After

hours editing instruction is available on request. 

Moreover, airport transportation is included.

I will personally

assist you with all your preparations and

questions before and during the tour.

Not Included: Airfare to and from Jaipur.  Travel

insurance and medical insurance.  Water bottles,

pop, or alcoholic drinks. Tips to drivers and forest

guides.  Also, not included would be any personal

items, souvenirs, etc.

Camera Gear Recommendation:

Knowing that most people know what to bring

on safari, I will mention what I do for equipment. 

I bring 2 full frame cameras, my 100-400 mm

Sony lens. Useful is a monopod and a Jobu jr.

Gimbal head. Very Handy!

Furthermore, I never leave home without my MacBook pro

13" laptop.  I bring 4x 128gb memory cards.  I back

up all images onto a 2 TB USB hard drive. This

covers the basics.  Remember to bring cleaning

supplies.  It can get dusty if we are following

other jeeps, but I do make sure our driver is aware

to hang back at least 60-80 yards.

There are few concerns about bugs during the

dry season.  Some mosquito repellent might be

good to have close by. I will send you my full

travel list on request.


Trying to explain the feeling of a wild tiger within

easy range of your camera is impossible.  One

could say “beyond words!” or “you had to be there”.

These big cats are brilliant within their natural

environment is such an experience, overwhelming

to say the least.  Enjoy our tour, and email me,

if you need any clarification, or call +19055208853

DSC_1273 Raymond, Ashok, and Peggy 700 x 900 web 1200
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