Some good friends and great customers have had something to say about their experiences with my work, workshops, and travel tours.  thanks to everyone!!

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Mike Bray

"Costa Rica is a magical place, especially for

hummingbirds. Ray Barlow took us on a photography

workshop that showcased many of these

beautiful hummingbirds, as well as other natural

wonders that make up a tropical paradise. Ray

was quick to share his knowledge in photographing

many different species of birds that we encountered.

He also gave us an intimate look at the life and

people of Costa Rica. We had a great time!"

Mike Bray Images

  • Coppery-headed Emerald 2cpy
  • Fiery-throated hummingbird 11cp

Mitchell Brown

Good morning folks. Boy I am so out of shape and sore

but yesterdays adventure Quebec to search for

Great Grey owl was so worth it.

I had a pleasure shooting with Raymond Barlow and Bruce

Kennedy. What a reward it was to be able to watch and

photograph a Great Grey hunt for voles and mice. I was also

very impressed with the ethics in the park.... no baiting

or calling is allowed and photographers have to stay

on the beaten path.

All natural. Mother nature at her finest. What a majestic

and very patient bird it is. I am amazed at how long it

can sit in one perch just looking and listening for prey.

It was a long drive but Raymond filled my head with so

much of his knowledge, tips, tricks and his work ethic. A

worthwhile trip for sure. I'll be posting a few over the

next few days. Have a great day today folks

Prints available © 2017 Mitchell Brown

Mitchell Brown Image

Photo by Mitchell Brown

Bruce Kennedy

I have been out with Ray on five different occasions

shooting images of raptors. Ray provides excellent

assistance and instruction in all aspects of creating

wonderful images – camera settings, composition,

light, as well as post-production processing to maximize

image quality. Ray has an easy and calm approach

to his mentor-ship, and demonstrates excellent ethics

in his interactions with wildlife.

I have been with Ray while standing for hours in snowy,

cold conditions waiting for owls to move from a more

distant perch to a better vantage for photography – never

interfering with the owls’ natural behaviour. Some of my

best wildlife images have been taken while on one

my photo tours with Ray.

The best rating that I can give to Ray is that I know I

will be out with him again shooting wildlife, either close

to home or at more distant locations.

Bruce Kennedy   -  Instagram

Bruce Kennedy Images

Osprey 27  Logo  Low Res
Osprey 25  Logo  Low Res

David Sparks

I went on Ray's 2010 photo tour to Newfoundland. The

scenery was beautiful and the wildlife photography

was unforgettable. The highlights were photographing

the Orcas that had killed a Minke whale in Witless Bay

and the amazing Gannet colony at Cape St. Mary's

Ecological Seabird Reserve.

Based on my extremely positive experience during the

Newfoundland photo tour, I went on Ray's 2011 trip to

Tanzania for yet another amazing photographic adventure

Hopefully I will be able to join him again on one of his

tours to the spectacular places he visits.

Additional photos taken on these two trips are

posted on my website.

David Sparks Images


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