"Tiger Cooling Off" Owner - Daniel Golfi

A Second Edit!<br />
<br />
One of my favourite shots from the recent tour to India, I did one extra adjustment in PhotoShop, adding a little shadow to darken the blacks<br />
in the background.<br />
<br />
Hope you like the edit?  More tiger tours coming soon, please let me know if you are interested.<br />
ray@raymondbarlow.com<br />
<br />
Please save nature!<br />
<br />
Raymond<br />
<br />
 <a href="http://www.raymondbarlow.com">http://www.raymondbarlow.com</a>

Just One Print

Would you like to have exclusive rights

to one of my images? 

36 to 60" wide prints.

Your name and the image will be 

on this page.

You may choose from any of the images

seen here on the website.  If you would

like to see similar images from the same

scene, never published previously, please ask.

Email me for more information.



"Snowy Owl at Last Light". Owner by Steve Barlow

Snowy Owl<br />
<br />
Printed in the “Just One Print” series.<br />
<br />
For Steve Barlow.<br />
<br />
More info on the webpage linked on the Homepage.
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